CVRmedHis Way Of Loving Me (2014)

Especially after becoming a parent, I realized the multitude of ways we humans have of expressing love for each other. In retrospect, I began to identify the love of family members expressed through hugs, serving, and even discipline. Recognizing love from my Dad expressed through discipline was the catalyst for this song. As I’ve become better acquainted with the ways of our Heavenly Father through His Holy Word and His Creation, I’ve recognized an incomprehensible multitude of ways He loves. The love He expressed by giving His Son to save the world, is evidence that even eternity will not be long enough to experience “His Way of Loving Me.” (John 3:16-17)

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Producer: Ben Isaacs / Executive Producer: Tim Menzies
Engineered & Edited by Mark Capps & Ben Isaacs
Music Tracked at Hilltop Recording Studios & The Sound Shop by Mark Capps
Vocals: Brenda Anderson Menzies, Becky Isaacs Bowman, Sonya Isaacs Yeary, Ben Isaacs
Vocals Tracked at Hilltop Recording Studios, Ben’s Place
Mixed by Mark Capps / Mastered at Georgetown Masters by Daniel Bacigalupi
Photography & Design by Lee Steffen
Musicians: Ben Isaacs: Bass / Aubrey Haynie: Fiddle, Viola, and Mandolin / Rob Ickes: Dobro / Bryan Sutton: Acoustic Guitar & Banjo / Gordon Mote: Piano / Kelly Back: Electric Guitar / Greg Morrow: Drums & Percussion / Tim Menzies: Acoustic Guitar & Resonator Guitar